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South Park is already making fun of the Penn State scandal. And…. I might’ve laughed. TOO SOON?

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Uhhh…. you guys….. South Park already cranked out an episode making fun of the Penn State scandal. And even though I know it’s wrong, and WAY too soon…….I might’ve laughed a little bit.

I feel guilty for laughing, though. Really, really guilty. Because it’s not funny, it’s really tragic. But anyway. Here’s the clip so you can feel like a bad person when you laugh, too.

via Buzzfeed

We don’t want no short people

I’ve been making my way through Ally McBeal on Netflix instant. I’m obsessed! One of the episodes, Ally’s boss’s uncle dies. The uncle apparently hated short people, and her boss wanted to talk about that at the funeral. Not celebrate it, but just talk about it. The pastor where the funeral was being held didn’t want to allow that conversation to take place, because he thought it was encouraging that opinion. Ally had to take the pastor to court so that her boss could speak about how much his uncle hated short people at the funeral.

I UNDERSTAND THAT MADE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. But… the point is…. an entire church choir sang this song. I can’t find a video of the scene from the show, but here’s the original guy (Randy Newman) singing the song. Please listen to the lyrics, especially the part about their grubby little fingers, and tell me this is not the most ridiculous song you’ve ever heard in your life!


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