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Maci Bookout from Teen Mom used her child support checks to buy some new boobs!

I love trashy TV, and there isn’t anything trashier (besides maybe Jersey Shore) on TV than Teen Mom. One of the only sane moms on the show, Maci, has drama that usually revolves around her baby daddy Ryan and his inability to hold a job and pay child support. He’s been better this season, and I think she used those checks to buy herself some boobays!

I don’t know how else she’d pay for it. Money from staged paparazzi shoots where she’s wearing a bikini, maybe? I’m pretty sure all the Teen Mom girls have a trust fund or something set up so all the money they’re making (tons.) can’t be used until the show is completely done filming. Because teen moms don’t struggle when they make $250,000 for a season. And I don’t think it’d make good TV. And all MTV cares about is good TV.

Anyway. I got distracted. The point is I like Maci’s boobs, at least they’re good for being fake boobs (I’m not a huge fan of them). She didn’t go too big, so that’s good. Every girl at one point in her life says, “I want DD boobs!” and what many of them fail to realize before paying $8k for some is when you’re a tiny, tiny person…. DD’s look crazy. Even D’s look crazy most of the time. C’s look like D’s. DD’s look like you have two watermelons strapped to your chest. So good for you, Maci. They’re big, but they’re not BIG.

What do you think? Do you like her more before or after?

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11 people that learn less than The Situation

Just let that sink in for a minute.

  1. Michael Cera
  2. Scarlett Johannson
  3. Jon Hamm
  4. Jane Lynch
  5. Barack Obama
  6. Bill Murray
  7. Anna Paquin
  8. Anderson Cooper
  9. Edie Falco
  10. Bill Keller
  11. The Dalai Lama

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