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In The News This Week…

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (part 1) trailer is out. Eeeeeeeek! Lainey Gossip

Speaking of Harry Potter, actress Afshan Azad, who plays Padma Patil, had her brother and father arrested for threatening and attempting to kill her. Scary stuff, good thing she paid attention during Defense of the Dark Arts class. Radar Online

OJ Simpson is going to marry his pen pal, a women who he’s never met and has been sending him letters and a photo of herself. Ridiculous. Contact Music

50 Tyson the best rapper on the planet YouTube

Mel Gibson has been going through a nasty breakup and custody battle. His girlfriend recorded some phone calls and voicemails he left her and they leaked (DUH). NSFW language. Radar Online

You are not slick. One Forty

Maroon 5 released a new single, Misery, and I like it. Very similar to their old stuff (I’m talking “This Love” old stuff) and I’m glad they’re revisiting that. Take a gander at the newly released video. Perez Hilton

Some inspirational wall stickers that I think are awesome. What an interesting form of art. If and when I ever get my own place, I plan on copping a few of these ideas and using them. Fresh Home


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