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Michael Fassbender is a celebrity penis expert. YEAH, YOU HEARD ME. (SFW)

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I LOVE MTV’S Josh Horowitz. His interviews are always hilarious. He has a great way of making people comfortable. PRIME EXAMPLE: Michael Fassbender did an entire interview talking about penises. His penis, and celebrity penises in general. Michael Fassbender is a serious actor, mind you. But his upcoming film, Shame, is about a sex-addict. So I guess this is relevent? My favorite part:

“When did you know you had a celebrity penis?”

“I guess once I saw it on a ten-foot screen or whatever? I don’t know. How am I supposed to answer that?”

hahaha. I’m really sad he didn’t recognize Jason Segel, though. Because out of all the celebrity penises in that lineup, that’s the only one I knew. I obviously need to step my game up.


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