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I’m pretty sure all the NY gays will be outraged over the wardrobe choices of the first married same sex couple.

I’m pretty sure all the fashion forward NY gays will be outraged over the wardrobe choices of the first married same sex couple. But other than that, I’m sure they’re thrilled for them!

Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd were the first same-sex couple to marry in New York State a second after midnight today. They chose to ring in their new marriage wearing a terrible white suit and an ill-fitting sparkly Chiffon disaster.The good news is THEY’RE LEGALLY MARRIED NOW! Wooo!

Are they at Niagra Falls? What are they doing in a suit, they should’ve done it in PONCHOS. That would be amazing AND they wouldn’t have ended up on every Worst Dressed list because ponchos are perfectly acceptable attire while at Niagra Falls. A blue fairy godmother dress and a white Western suit, however, are not.

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Remember the 51 year old actor that married the 16 year old? Here’s their interview.

If you’re not familiar with the story, please meet actor Doug Hutchinson who was recently in the news for marrying a 16 year old he met on the internet. They sat down for an interview to clear things up, and are apparently shopping around a reality show. Sadly, I will probably watch it.

If you can’t make it through the interview (I don’t blame you, it’s tough), please at least skip to 4:44 and watch her bizarre facial expression. There isn’t much going on inside her head, is there?.

That’s all I got. “WTF.” Why is she doing that with her face? Why is she talking in that weird voice? Whyyyyyyy? WHY WHY WHY? Will we ever know? Will we ever know why her hair is doing that weird thing where her part is? Will we ever know why her eyebrows look like that? Will we ever know who told her your lips are supposed to be lighter than your skin?

Maybe she’s a robot and had a short circuit.

In The News This Week…

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (part 1) trailer is out. Eeeeeeeek! Lainey Gossip

Speaking of Harry Potter, actress Afshan Azad, who plays Padma Patil, had her brother and father arrested for threatening and attempting to kill her. Scary stuff, good thing she paid attention during Defense of the Dark Arts class. Radar Online

OJ Simpson is going to marry his pen pal, a women who he’s never met and has been sending him letters and a photo of herself. Ridiculous. Contact Music

50 Tyson the best rapper on the planet YouTube

Mel Gibson has been going through a nasty breakup and custody battle. His girlfriend recorded some phone calls and voicemails he left her and they leaked (DUH). NSFW language. Radar Online

You are not slick. One Forty

Maroon 5 released a new single, Misery, and I like it. Very similar to their old stuff (I’m talking “This Love” old stuff) and I’m glad they’re revisiting that. Take a gander at the newly released video. Perez Hilton

Some inspirational wall stickers that I think are awesome. What an interesting form of art. If and when I ever get my own place, I plan on copping a few of these ideas and using them. Fresh Home

Megan Fox secretly got married.

Megan Fox secretly got married. SH*T! None of us had a chance anyway.

How’d she pull that off? I’m impressed. No one can do that in Hollywood anymore. She must really treat the people around her well for it to take this long to leak, no backstabbers!

This is the dress she wore in the ceremony. Just kidding, although I bet it looked something like that. No pictures have leaked, and I doubt they will especially since it was so tight lipped.

Here’s the blah blah blah: first reported the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at the Four Seasons on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Fox and Green started dating in 2004, but split in February 2009 after a two year engagement. Within a few months they had reconciled and, as first reported, Green, 36, popped the question to Fox, 24, for a second time on June 1. Although the big proposal was thwarted when they accidentally lost the 2-carat sparkler on the beach.

Earlier this year, Megan told us about preparations for the big day, saying Brian would be a hands-on groom: “He is in on the planning. He wants to be!

“We are just even more committed to each other and we always have been. I am more in love with him now than I was in the beginning.” via US Magazine

Blog, revisited.

So I’m going through all my old blogs and I found this and while reading it I laughed out loud at myself several times. Is it bad that I think I’m funny? Of course it’s not, I’m hilarious! This blog was originally posted on May 14, 2008.

I’ve always said this, but I think (just facing the facts) it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever get married. I don’t believe in soul mates; I think every person has many people they’re compatible with. I think even if you’re not perfect for each other hard work will overshadow “soul matey-ness.” But in my case… I think the number of people I’m compatible with is significantly lowered since I’m so crazy. So I’ve put together a list of things this man, whoever he might be, will have to put up with to marry me. You could call this my “quirk” list… a list of things that probably won’t ever change.

1. When I get bitter and angry I don’t express it. Instead, I put it into an imaginary box and then when you forget to close the cereal box and it’s stale the next time I get a bowl of Captain Crunch (peanut butter flavor of course) World War 3 will break out and I’ll start bringing up stuff from like 2 years ago that I never mentioned to you. It will get ugly. I will cry and probably throw something at you. Then we won’t fight again for like 4 months… but you should probably wear a cup….you know… just in case.

2. I become emotionally attached to my tennis shoes. You know when you buy a new pair and get blisters for the first few weeks while you’re breaking them in?  I hate that. Once I get a pair I wear them until they have holes and the laces are broken. Therefore, they usually stink. OK, who am I kidding… they ALWAYS stink I have the smelliest pair of tennis shoes ever. You may have to take them by force.

3. I’m awkward at accepting gifts. Instead of being really happy and excited about them I feel obligated to get you something better.  I’m a “one upper” and will give you a better gift pretty soon afterward. Unless you totally screwed up (like leaving the cereal box open and it went stale) and then I’ll throw it in your face and punch you!

4. I get happy meals. You’ll probably be embarrassed. But really… they’re the perfect size. Combo meals are more expensive and I waste 50% of the food so… why not? If you’re too embarrassed to order a happy meal for me you’re not the right guy for me.

5. Since I didn’t get DVR until recently… I don’t watch my show all season and wait until it comes out on DVD and then watch them all in one day. You have to love TV marathons too. It’s not ever going to change.

6. I’m obsessed with my dogs. Not in the creepy “I put clothes on them” way (although I will admit we have put them in OSU jerseys a few times)… but I have endless nicknames for them… talk to them all the time (in my special high pitched voice that’s so high only they can hear) and always want to cuddle them. You will have to not get jealous that I won’t be cuddling you… I’ll be cuddling Winky and Tank.

7. I’m awesome at turning things around. If you confront me about something I have 10 ways to spin it to be your fault. I inherited this from my mother. Don’t try to fight it… it’s no use.

8. I have horrible genes so if we get married, our kids are doomed. My dad has Cardiomyopathy (heart disease) and Ventricular Tachycardia (another heart disease), my mom has diabetes, my grandma has Alzheimer’s, and my grandpa had Prostate Cancer, and still has arthritis, and Cardiomyopathy. Basically my entire family has something wrong with them that I will most likely inherit. Our kid will have to live in a bubble.

9. People who know me know me as the loud, outgoing, life of the party type…. but on the inside there is a socially awkward, hermit-girl who is secretly very nervous when she meets new people and sometimes compensate for this by being loud and trying (key word) to be funny. Usually I just wants to curl up in a ball for the weekend and do absolutely nothing. You have to like this too. This leads to #10.

10. Sometimes I don’t shower on the weekend. I know… gross. If I showered and got ready Friday night… I’m not going to shower Saturday just so I can look good for Tony Little while he has is Gazelle exercise infomercial that I, don’t ask me why, have seen over 20 times. I will come up with an excuse Sunday not to either. Ohhh shut up, you totally do it too.

So you think you know anyone that can put up with me? Let me know.


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