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IN THE NEWS: World’s Longest Tongue record holder will give you nightmares forever

Chanel Tapper from California just set the record for longest tongue. It’s 10 centimeters from top of her tongue to her tip lip. Video of it is above, if you dare to watch it.

This is gross for so many reasons. Mainly #1, if my tongue was that long I would spend my free time Googling “plastic surgery tongue shortening” and writing letters to ask doctors to fix me pro-bono instead of notifying the Guiness Book of World Records that I’m a genetic freak. #2, why does her tongue have that film/mold across the entire thing, like she’s never brushed her teeth? Why is it white? That’s so nasty. And when she makes it wide? I literally gasped and it made me feel ill.

GROSS GROSS GROSS. Stop it. Do yourself a favor and use some of the money from all these interviews to BUY A TONGUE SCRAPER.

via The Daily What


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