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Notes from kids are cute :)

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This is awesome! All kids are artists at heart…

Ahhhhh I love this!! I stole it from Kate’s facebook. Thanks, Kate! Hopefully you won’t see this post and realize I stalk your life. via This Is Colossall:

This December, in a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing installation for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Ar, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a large domestic environment, painting every wall, chair, table, piano, and household decoration a brilliant white, effectively serving as a giant white canvas. Over the course of two weeks, the museum’s smallest visitors were given thousands upon thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited to collaborate in the transformation of the space, turning the house into a vibrantly mottled explosion of color

Pretty neat stuff. I like the random smiley faces you see here or there. I’d probably place a few stickers to strategically make a penis. But that’s because I’m a pervert.

I love how they credited an artist with this. ALL HE DID WAS PUT A BUNCH OF WHITE FURNITURE IN A ROOM. The visitors and kids did it all!

Video of the damage 2 little kids can do with a 5 lb bag of flour.

Ever wonder what kind of damage 2 little kids can do with a 5 lb bag of flour? WONDER NO LONGER, because there is finally video footage:

Mommy was not feeling well and had to stay in the bathroom longer than usual during which my two boys, ages 1 and 3 took my new bag of flour out of the cupboard and destroyed my house. This is from ONE 5lb bag.

HAHAHA. I love how she just keeps saying “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh” and tops it off with a “it’s not fair. I don’t even know what to do.” I know what iiiiii would’ve done. I would’ve murdered ‘dem babies. Which is exactly why I’m not a mom. But luckily this lady is a good mom, and instead of flipping out, she grabbed her video camera to capitalize on an unfortunate situation. Hopefully she ends up on Ellen with some kind of corporate flour sponsorship.


ha, TOLD YOU SO!!!!! I wonder if they’ll end up on the show.

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Best interview ever by Patrick Dempsey.

Here’s a hilarious phone interview with Patrick Dempsey while he’s hauling his kids around, doing 50 million things at once. This is my favorite part:

Do you have lots of different shampoos and conditioners?
No, I don’t like to deal with it. No! Stay on the sidewalk, don’t run into the street! Shonda Rhimes says that my hair has its own number on the call sheet. C’mon buddy, I’m sorry where were we? All day long I’m running after them and I’m trying to have some family time and at the same time I’m promoting this movie.

SEE? Celebrities are (somewhat) normal, just like you and me!

I’m obsessed with…THIS PIRATE BEDROOM!

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I think we can all agree this is the COOLEST. BEDROOM. EVER. It was designed for a 6-year old who was able to choose between a castle, racecar, pirate ship, or space ship. I have to admit I probably would’ve gone for a castle design, but this is still insanely awesome.

The home features a huge hidden slide that runs the height of the home’s staircase, and plops you into the coolest pirate bedroom ever featuring a pirate ship that floats above the bedroom, and a jail.  Pretty sweet, right? Right.

In other news….. I’d like to throw a hail mary out there to the parents of this kid. WILL YOU ADOPT ME?

Here is the home’s mudroom. If you open up on of the lockers it reveals a hidden room with a slide entrance! If you go down it…

TA DAAAA! You have landed in the coolest bedroom ever.

This is the view of walking into the bedroom. The jail is on the right, as well as the ladder up to the drawbridge.

The rope bridge is connected to the top of the jail cell, built to accommodate evil doers, thieves and little sisters.

I love the detailing on the bottom of the bathroom floor. Hidden treasure! The room on the right is the closet. Sure, you can access it by walking in… but there’s also another way to access it!

Ta daaaaa!

Pretty cool, right? I think it’s great these people allow their kid to have such a cool experience. I wish I was that rich.

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These kids definitely weren’t homeschooled.

Yeah. Those kids are 8.

These kids obviously have cool parents


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