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He lives in a trailer? ehhhhhh…. WHOA

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With the great response to my pirate ship bedroom blog, I searched the internet for an even more amazing bedroom and I found this guy’s trailer. You might be wondering, “A trailer? Really? How can that beat a pirate ship with a 2 story slide and drawbridge?” It just does!

Meet Matthew Hofmann. He lives in a trailer. Before you judge him, check out his trailer! It’s way nicer than anything you’ve probably lived in, myself included. It’s also eco-friendly and shiny!

“Many of my clients are in Santa Barbara, so after looking at some tiny yet still expensive condos and lofts, I purchased and remodeled a 1978, 25-foot Airstream trailer on a whim on Craigslist.”

“Material scraps from the Airstream, pictured above before the remodel, were sent to a recycling yard. That included hardware, braces, tracks, rods and plastic paneling.  All of the old appliances  and fixtures — refrigerator, oven, sink, toilet — were sold on Craigslist or donated.  That extended the life of old materials and prevented them from heading to the landfill.”

My words: I think it’s great he made the trailer green. All environmentally conscious men get extra points!

“For the new dining area, I replaced the existing tabletop with Cali Bamboo natural strand bamboo while reusing the table posts. The old tabletop was reconditioned and used as shelving in the cabinetry. The dinette doubles as a guest bed.”

“By removing the table posts and lowering the top to seat level, it also converts to what I call a media lounge where I can play movies on  my  27-inch iMac. The office printer is tucked into a custom-built pullout drawer under the bench. I sold my plasma TV, DVD player, audio receiver, seven-speaker surround sound, desktop PC, laptop computer, wireless home speaker system and portable radio.”

My words: I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think those beds look like they’d be very comfortable to sleep on (even when they’re extended) but I guess I can’t judge without trying it. But in reference to that media center… uhhhhh….WANT! That setup is amazing! If I won the lottery I’d spend a good $15k at the Apple store.

“The kitchen has a Moen stainless-steel sink with a Euro-modern 23-inch pull-out spray chrome faucet. New appliances include an Atwood Wedgewood three-burner propane stainless gas cooktop, Target countertop stainless-steel toaster oven and Norcold refrigerator.”

My words: Amazingly beautiful! I love the butcher block counters. The faucet seems a little over the top for a trailer, but hey… do your thing.

His words: “One of my favorite purchases was a Hafele Kessebohmer integrated pullout pantry system. Hafele also makes a very cool Moovit drawer box system and cutlery tray inserts. Those German designers know their driving machines and storage devices.

I’m 6-foot-4, so I designed a generous convertible bed using locally supplied, lightweight materials. I hired a seamstress to hand-sew Sunbrella indoor-outdoor fabric cushions from CushionsXpress. Underneath the bed is the original roll-up cabinets from Airstream. ArchiTech in-wall speakers sound like a high-fidelity surround-sound system.”

My words: Excuse me, The Germans? The Swedes have been doing it big in the storage department for years. Ikea, bro! :)

His words: “The bathroom was easily my greatest indulgence. Attractive, durable and sustainable custom-cut counter tops are by Custom Cali Natural Strand Bamboo. The shower was handcrafted with practical and pleasing curves using tiny glass tiles and a custom-built redwood shower pan. Water temperature and power are controlled through a Grohe Euphoria chrome fixture.

A14-inch glass vessel sink sits under a single-handle faucet. The room’s custom LED light has two-stage brightness, from ultra-low to high voltage. The towel bars, TP holder and other accessories were from the Grohe Essentials line.

My words: That bathroom is gorgeous. I love the tiling. It does seem cramped, but I like that he took the curtain and glass off the shower so it makes it feel bigger.

And here’s the handsome that built everything. WHAT’D I TELL YOU? He’s a catch! If you have questions or want to see more of  Matthew Hofmann’s designs visit his website and read more about his time on the road.

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