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How to shoot a commercial while leaving no carbon footprint

Unfortunately, I’m not on the “Go Green!” bandwagon. I probably should be, but that’s a whole new blog post. The point I’m trying to make is I’m not as easily influenced by the, “Ohhh, we’re a green company, buy the shit we sell!” campaigns that are oh-so-prevalent in 2010.

Consequently, this Hyundai commercial didn’t impress me. Going green for the sake of going green isn’t going green. You follow? I mean, Hyundai….you’re a car company. We all know this isn’t going to continue. You did it once. ONCE. And only once so you could garner publicity and hopefully a few car sales. But really, what people will think (or at least what I think) is, “you had to PUSH the car around? Seriously?”

If your car was that energy efficient, you would be able to drive it in the commercial. Sooo maybe your new challenge should be, “How can we create an advertising campaign that makes our product look good instead of pointing out the fact that it contributes to our environment’s slow demise?”


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