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24 grooms and their priceless reactions to seeing their brides!

I’m pretty sure EVERYONE’S favorite part of the wedding is seeing the groom’s reaction as the bride walks down the aisle and he sees her for the first time. A new trend is for this introduction to happen before the ceremony so that the bride and groom can hug it out, and more importantly capture the moment on camera/film so they remember it forever!


What if candy bars were named for what they really are?

Man plans to live with lions for 5 weeks to raise money for his zoo. Hmm….

Some crazy guy wants to live with his lions for 35 days to raise awareness and money for his private, underfunded zoo. I mean, that’s great for the lions and all, but this sounds like it will end badly for the fellow. Here’s the rest of the story:

A Ukrainian zookeeper plans to spend five weeks living in an enclosure with two lions to raise funds for the zoo.

Alexander Pylyshenko, who entered the lions’ enclosure on Tuesday, said he plans to spend the next 35 days painting pictures of the lions which he will sell to raise money for new buildings.

The 40-year-old even intends to help a pregnant lioness give birth during his time with the lions, the zoo said.

“I hope that my attitude and the optimism with which I approach this project will be understood by people,” he said in a statement on the zoo’s website.

He told a local newspaper, Nash Gorod, that he planned to take showers and use a toilet outside the enclosure but would sleep on a wooden platform inside.

The private zoo in the town of Vasylivka in western Ukraine, around 500 kilometres from Kiev, has two lions, named Samson and Katya, living in a bare enclosure.

Hasn’t he ever heard of Timothy Treadwell? Wild animals will always be wild animals, no matter how cuddly and sweet they are 95% of the time. Anyway, I wish him the best, and hope this is all a publicity stunt. And I hope he can sleep with one eye open.

Dog allergic to grass so he gets some cute little boots!

Awww, this makes me so happy. Also, to the stupid random people that actually walk up to the dog owner and tell them it’s “cruel” to make a dog wear little booties, SHUT UP. You are so, so annoying. I hate people like you. via The Daily What:

8-year-old Jack Russell Jaxs would be as fun-loving as the next dog were it not for the sad fact that the playful pup is allergic to grass. According to owner Maria Domanic, a single blade of grass is enough to cause a painful reaction, leading to fur loss and paw sores.

But Jaxs is once again frolicking around the great outdoors with nary a care thanks to a local vet who recommended a pair of specially-fitted “doggy boots” made of canvas and Velcro.

“I’ve had a few people make some odd comments branding me ‘cruel’ and ‘disgusting’ for dressing him up in clothes,” says Domanic. “I have to explain it’s for his own good and not some fashion statement I’m trying to make.”

I’m just a little bossy

I just got a drunk dial with a marriage proposal… got to love it!

“will you marry me?”
“How drunk are you right now?”
“i’m not drunk.”
“Have you had alcohol tonight?”
“maybe…. but will you marry me?” 

I went and saw Bride Wars today with Julie. It was super cute! I will do a review of it in a few weeks because my #1 complaint about this movie will ruin the ending for those of you who have not seen it. Afterwards we hung out and then had dinner at my parents and played Wii. It was a good time. We were going to sneak into Marlie and Me but chickened out because we were at the Movie Tavern and since they have waiters there we were afraid we’d get the same waiter and he’s recognize us! haha

GOOD NEWS…. my computer is fixed and ready to be picked up! I didn’t get the voicemail until late tonight sooo unfortunately I won’t be able to pick it up until tomorrow… but still, I’m very excited. A lot more blogs starting tomorrow.

I REALLY don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. I’m soo used to not working, it’s wonderful. I miss being unemployed. Every time I hear someone complain about being “busy” I want to smack them in the face because most people my age have no idea how “busy” it is to work 40 hours and week and still try to do other things like school and have a social life!

I am not in school this quarter… I’m just going to give me some “me” time and get healthy and have a little down time. It’s nice so far. I love hearing people complain about homework I’m like muahahaaa not mee! I’m a dropout as of right now. I will be back next quarter though.

Song of the day – 
“Bossy” – Lindsay Lohan… yeah yeah it’s old… whatever. I like it. 


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