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This guy pays $800/month to live in a 78 square foot apartment with no kitchen or bathroom.

Normally I’m a huge fan of the small house movement. I’ve had a few posts about it (here and here). I love seeing what people can do with small spaces. It’s smart. Or at least to me it is. But this guy? He pays $800/month to live in a room smaller than many people’s closet. That………. is stupid. From the video’s description on YouTube:

A couple years ago, Manhattan architect Luke Clark Tyler, lived in a 96 square foot apartment. Instead of up sizing with his latest move, he chose to squeeze himself and his belongings into even less space.

Luke now lives in a 78 square foot shoebox studio. It’s too narrow to fit a bed lengthwise, but using a bit of plywood and 2x4s he built his own custom bed/couch.

He keeps his clothes, plates, microwave, books, spices and shaving and cleaning supplies in a large built-in cabinet. The rest of his kitchen is a tiny refrigerator that helps hold up his desk (he works for home as a contract architect).

While he admits he misses being able to cook a real meal- though he’s vegetarian so eats a lot of vegetables and nuts and can even microwave eggs- Luke doesn’t see living small as a sacrifice.

He loves living in the heart of New York City– his place is in Midtown Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen- and he likes paying just $750/month (cheaper than the shared housing he could find in the area).

You could live pretty well in NYC for $800/month with a roommate, no? Living alone is not worth sacrificing that much. Or should I say it shouldn’t be worth sacrificing that much. But apparently to that guy, it is worth it. It’s pretty silly if you ask me. What do you think?

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Dog allergic to grass so he gets some cute little boots!

Awww, this makes me so happy. Also, to the stupid random people that actually walk up to the dog owner and tell them it’s “cruel” to make a dog wear little booties, SHUT UP. You are so, so annoying. I hate people like you. via The Daily What:

8-year-old Jack Russell Jaxs would be as fun-loving as the next dog were it not for the sad fact that the playful pup is allergic to grass. According to owner Maria Domanic, a single blade of grass is enough to cause a painful reaction, leading to fur loss and paw sores.

But Jaxs is once again frolicking around the great outdoors with nary a care thanks to a local vet who recommended a pair of specially-fitted “doggy boots” made of canvas and Velcro.

“I’ve had a few people make some odd comments branding me ‘cruel’ and ‘disgusting’ for dressing him up in clothes,” says Domanic. “I have to explain it’s for his own good and not some fashion statement I’m trying to make.”

Grant Hill is a genetic jackpot

I know…. I am crossing a line by making fun of kids. But for real….

ALSO…. Dear Editor of Chop Chop… you couldn’t have cropped out Grant’s nasty feet? REALLY?

Suri Cruise looks so creepy in this picture

After seeing this picture, I have so many questions.

What is your left hand claw doing?
What is wrong with your knees?
Why do you have bruises all over your legs?
Are your feet/ankles shaped funny because you’re wearing heels at the age of FOUR?
Is the devil inside you?

If anyone can answer some of these questions for me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.


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