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Ballet is hard. THIS IS SO CUTE IT HURTS.

Dear future awkward little girl,

I can relate.


A currently awkward big girl

Cat plays in snow for the first time. Summary –

I’m used to seeing dog videos like this, not cat videos! And even after watching this adorable cat play with snow, I can still tell you that every puppy/dog video on the internet is superior to it, because canines are superior to felines in almost every possible way, except in the potty department, because cats shit in a litter box. My dog, and the dogs in all those adorable dogs-playing-in-snow videos, do not shit in litter boxes.

BUT……..the video is still cute enough to post. So here you go, enjoy.


Never give up!

dog squeezing through catdoor

I dare you not to laugh/smile at this.

Ahhhhh it kills me.

24 grooms and their priceless reactions to seeing their brides!

I’m pretty sure EVERYONE’S favorite part of the wedding is seeing the groom’s reaction as the bride walks down the aisle and he sees her for the first time. A new trend is for this introduction to happen before the ceremony so that the bride and groom can hug it out, and more importantly capture the moment on camera/film so they remember it forever!


Ever wonder what mountain biking is like from the point of view of a 5 year old? Wonder no longer

This is one of those videos that makes me literally “awwwww” out loud. His commentary is the best.

“I can do it just the same as those guys do it! YEAH! Oh yeah….buddd-dddy.”

Someone buy me this dog? Kthxbye.

HE LOOKS LIKE A LION! I would name him Mufasa. This is apparently at a dog show in Shenyang, China… the dog is a Tibetan Mastiff… and he’s all “WTF ARE YOU DOING TO ME, BRO?

via Boing Boing


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