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Best couples halloween costume EVER.

I’m obsessed with… these zombie-themed engagement photos

These are by far the most unique and creative wedding/engagement photos I’ve ever seen. Wasn’t expecting that!

If you enjoyed these, you might enjoy me post about the 15 Most creative/Nerdy Wedding Invitations

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Visit the photographer’s Tumblr here

Most creative wedding proposal ever! Graffiti time lapse/Scrabble/mural/awesomeness.

My favorite part is the piece that says “triple hand squeeze” instead lf Triple Word. SCRABBLE JOKES! He gots ’em. I likes ’em!

15 creative and nerdy wedding invitations

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Ah, I love these! They make me want to get married just so I can have a super creative invitation. I think my favorite is either the record or the movie tickets or the…. Ah heck, I like them all.

See all the awesome invitations after the jump! Click each invitation to see the original source. (more…)

Steve and Lindsay are finally engaged!

So, the last 2-3 weeks Lindsay and Rob (Steve’s best friend) have been planning Steve’s surprise 26th birthday party. What Lindsay DIDN’T know was that the whole thing was actually Steve’s idea, and he was going to propose to her! Check out the videos, and congrats to the happy couple and my new sister!

Sorry about the crappy quality. After youtube compresses it, it’s not very good.

Here is Steve acting surprised…

Here is Steve proposing…

Here is Rob toasting afterwards…

Here is my mom’s toast afterwards…

Clever billboards did a list of cool billboards. I didn’t like all of theirs, so I stole the ones I did like and here you go. More after the jump…




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