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I’m obsessed with…. The Ultimate Nerd Guide to NYC!

Someone with a LOT of time on their hands created the Ultimate Nerd Guide to NYC. Completely with a graphic map, and Google Maps link which you can scope out each each location here!

I visit NYC often because my family lives there, so it looks like I’ll have to bring this along with me next time I go. There are some super nerdy locations I’d love to see, like Peter Parker’s apartment, The Avengers headquarters, Ghostbusters headquarters, Ninja Turtle headquarters, Men in Black headquarters……. pretty neat stuff. Kudos to whoever has ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE and compiled this list.

click map for a full-size version

via Buzzfeed

15 creative and nerdy wedding invitations

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Ah, I love these! They make me want to get married just so I can have a super creative invitation. I think my favorite is either the record or the movie tickets or the…. Ah heck, I like them all.

See all the awesome invitations after the jump! Click each invitation to see the original source. (more…)


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