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I’m obsessed with…. THIS TREEHOUSE! I want these people to adopt me.

Apartment Therapy highlighted a do-it-yourselfer that custom built his kids an amazing treehouse. You can see that post here, and the actual creator document process here! I included the pictures in a slideshow at the bottom, it’s pretty dope. I want them to adopt me!

For those of you who don’t know how amazing my husband it, here is a glimpse.

He has almost single-handedly remodeled our house, room by room, over the last 7 years.

We still have a few more projects in the house, but he was persuaded to work outside this time on a treehouse for our kids.

I always wanted a treehouse as I was growing up and never got the chance to have one, so when he told our kids last year that he would build one for them, I made him deliver on that promise!

It took him a bit longer than expected because he is a perfectionist and a beautiful designer, so it evolved as he built it.

But, the end result was definitely worth it. The kids are thrilled and I am so proud of him.

I documented the process with my iphone, but took some final photos with my good camera, both at night and daytime.

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“If you don’t respond to my text message quickly, you don’t really love me!!!” – every psycho girl everywhere (including me)

Stole this from Leah Bia’s Pinterest… love it.

My favorite nonsensical spam comment of the day: “The smell of inanimate bacon is.”

I get some pretty great (and random) spam comments on BlahBethany, but this one is by far my favorite so far because it’s SO RIDICULOUSLY RANDOM. Usually they’re linking to a website, or have to do with vitamins or penis enhancement. This one? BACON. nomnomnomnomnom

Apparently there’s such a thing as master FOOD sculptors, and they excel at carving life-sized pumpkin zombies.

Apparently there’s such a thing as master FOOD sculptors, who knew? One of the most famous sculptors is named Ray Villafane. His expertise is obbbbviously pumpkins, since it’s October and all. The NY Botanical Garden’s hired him to come out and carve two pumpkins, one of which happened to be the heaviest in the world. The results were amazing, spooky, and life-sized. via Laughing Squid:

Last weekend, The New York Botanical Garden brought on master food sculptor Ray Villafane to carve zombies out of two giant pumpkins, one of which was the world’s heaviest pumpkin. He used the “pale flesh Brant and Eleanor Bordsen’s 1,693 pound pumpkin for the zombies” and the world record-holding 1818.5 pound pumpkin from Kelsey and Jim Bryson was used as the base.

I love how he used the pumpkin innards as zombie guts! Pretty awesome. It’s almost like art? Too bad it probably started rotting after a day or two. Maybe it added to the effect, since they’re…ya know… zombies?

Here are the rest of the pictures from the zombie pumpkin carving, but if you want to see more of Ray’s work, click the link at the bottom of the post for more of his different 3D pumpkin art, pretty cool stuff!

Click the link to see more of Ray’s amazing sculptures!


Top 10 best Tweets following the NYC earthquake (I make an appearance!)

OK, saying “I make an appearance” is somewhat misleading because really my teeny tiny orange Twitter icon is the only thing that makes an appearance. I was one of the first people to retweet one of these. CAN YOU FIND ME? It’s like Where’s Waldo, except really pathetic and not that fun!

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By the way, you can follow my blog on Twitter HERE!

via Fark via Uproxx

I’m obsessed with… these zombie-themed engagement photos

These are by far the most unique and creative wedding/engagement photos I’ve ever seen. Wasn’t expecting that!

If you enjoyed these, you might enjoy me post about the 15 Most creative/Nerdy Wedding Invitations

found on
Visit the photographer’s Tumblr here

The 20 Best Things In Your 1990s Lunchbox…… I suddenly crave Warheads.

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I ate every single one of these (except Danimals…. because seriously…… liquid yogurt?) in my lunch at school throughout the 1990’s and well into the 2000’s. I’m pretty sure my dad packed me Gushers up until my senior year in high school (2006 for those of you that are counting).

I wish I could still eat lunch like this. I’d weigh 600 lbs if I did, but I think it’d be worth it………………………………….. yeah. I thought about that for a minute. Definitely worth it.

via Buzzfeed


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