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Video of two dudes experiencing labor pains via a torture device = highly entertaining.

Closed Captioning
Guys, have you ever wondered what kind of pain a woman goes through during childbirth? Normally people would say you’ll never know, but some really messed up women have figured out a way for men to experience the joys of childbirth the excruciating pain women go through, via a torture device. A genius torture device, I should add.

Dennis and Valerio from the Dutch show Proefkonijnen (or, in English, Guinea Pigs) decided to take the challenge, and strapped the electrodes to their bellies and experiences “contractions” (AKA waves of electricity to cause muscle tension) for TWO HOURS to mimic the last two hours before childbirth.

Here’s the video, MAKE SURE YOU TURN ON CLOSED CAPTIONING! There’s a little CC button (look at the photo above) that you need to press. It starts to get hilarious around the 5:00 mark. I mean…. really. Watch it all. The part where the camera man is cracking up says it all.

One guy, Dennis, manages to survive the entire two hours. My favorite guy, Valeria, bailed. Which, I don’t know if you know this but… WOMEN CAN’T DO THAT DURING CHILDBIRTH. The only thing he has in common with women who actually go through childbirth is he has a huge vagina.

Ballet is hard. THIS IS SO CUTE IT HURTS.

Dear future awkward little girl,

I can relate.


A currently awkward big girl

Cat plays in snow for the first time. Summary –

I’m used to seeing dog videos like this, not cat videos! And even after watching this adorable cat play with snow, I can still tell you that every puppy/dog video on the internet is superior to it, because canines are superior to felines in almost every possible way, except in the potty department, because cats shit in a litter box. My dog, and the dogs in all those adorable dogs-playing-in-snow videos, do not shit in litter boxes.

BUT……..the video is still cute enough to post. So here you go, enjoy.

James Franco lip syncing to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” No, really. Yes, it’s awesome.

This literally made my day.

James Franco and his new lady friend, Ashley Benson (this is me pretending like I know who that is), for no reason at all, made this “music video.” He posted it to his WhoSay channel (again, this is me pretending like I know what that is) and took it down pretty quickly.

My bet is he’s afraid of the Beliebers……… which, if you didn’t know, are Justin Bieber fans. Fun fact: my website is, and I made it before Justin Bieber ever existed. And the reason for that is because my last name IS LIEB so people nicknamed me Belieber.


This is what happens when you let your boyfriend do your makeup

This girl is obviously brave. AS IF I’d ever let my boyfriend see me without makeup. Then they’d know I’m not a porcelain skinned doll with perfect skin. I wake up once every 3 hours to reapply makeup so he thinks that’s what I look like all the time.

Ever wonder what mountain biking is like from the point of view of a 5 year old? Wonder no longer

This is one of those videos that makes me literally “awwwww” out loud. His commentary is the best.

“I can do it just the same as those guys do it! YEAH! Oh yeah….buddd-dddy.”

Take notes Penn State, this is what SHOULD happen in the locker room.


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