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Tank and me, hangin’ out

Tank is cuddly


Here’s an animated GIF of my nephew, Landon, eating Cheerios.

Landon Lieb GIF

via my brother’s Cinemagram

My 2013 New Years’ Resolution(s)

What up, internet.

I never hang out with you anymore! Unless I’m on my phone, which is a sad and pitiful version of the internet. I miss you, a lot. Mostly the animated GIFs, and occasionally all those crazy short girls that comment on this one particular blog of mine relentlessly. You guys should stop doing that, you know.

So I came back for a visit for two reasons. First because I miss you (we’ve covered this), but secondly because I want to publicly proclaim my New Years’ Resolutions for the year 2013. I know myself pretty well, and one thing I’ve learned about myself is that if I tell people I’m going to do something, I’m much more likely to actually do it. When I feel like quitting, I’m like, “Man, all those people know I’m supposed to do this, and if I don’t, they’ll realize I suck.”

So here we go, keep me accountable:

1) Hit 5,000,000 views by the end of the year. And to accomplish that, I obviously need to blog more. So….. that’s right up there with the views goal. I did some Christmas decorating, so hopefully that’s an incentive to blog at LEAST in January, because no one wants to be that tacky person that keeps everything decorated with Christmas stuff long after December 25.

2) Run a marathon. After I ran my half-marathon in May, I told people, “Even if I could I wouldn’t run a marathon, that’s not even good for your body!”  but truth is I wanted to run a full marathon, I just didn’t think I could. So obviously now I have to run a marathon. I plan on doing the Cap City Half-Marathon in May again, but my goal is to run a full 26.2 mile marathon in fall of 2013. Probably a really, really slow marathon, but a marathon nonetheless.

3) Go rock climbing with Kelsie this summer. I’m hella afraid of heights, and I’m not what most would call an “outdoorsy” person (although I did once pee in the woods while camping…. you can call be Bear Grylls!). I’d also like to surf (which goes hand in hand with rock climbing, because SHAAAAAARRKKKK!!!!!!!).

4) Celebrate my 25th birthday in style. I’m a homebody and I never go out to bars because I don’t drink. I really want to have fun for my birthday this year. So… Vegas, maybe? Big ‘ol party, maybe? I’m not sure, all I know is I’m going to wear something sparkly, and keep it classy. In my head I’ll look like the girl on the left. But in reality, I’ll probably look something like the girl on the right. And I think I’m OK with that….

5) Curse less. Somehow not only my parents read this, but a bunch of their friends (some of whom I don’t even know) read this. Part of my humor is cursing, which my dad says is cheap. And he thinks I’m funny enough not to have to cuss to get people to laugh. I, however, am not as confident. But I’m going to try, because embarrassing my parents is something I was hoping I’d stop doing after I grew out of my side-pony phase.

OK, so that’s that. Everyone keep me accountable.

Help me support Team Jeremy!

Every once in a while I use my website for a good (instead of evil), and today is one of those days. Please not only read, but donate. If you don’t have money to give, sharing Jeremy’s story on Facebook or by emailing your friends is just as helpful, because someone you share it with may feel called to donate on your behalf. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

I’m sure 99% of you reading this have been touched by cancer in some way. This is how my family and I were recently affected.

I’ve known Jeremy for a few years because he and his wife Samantha are attached at the hip with my sister Christina and her husband, Ken. Ken and Jeremy grew up with together, and have been best friends their entire lives. But calling them best friends doesn’t seem to do it justice, because they’re more like brothers. They’ve been through it all together.

Jeremy and Samantha got married on May 16, 2009. They welcomed their son Parkus into the world 9 months later. When Parkus was 9 months old, they got pregnant with their second child, Paisley, who is now 16 months old. They move fast, right? Jeremy is also a step dad to Ellie, Samantha’s 10 year old daughter. If you throw in their four dogs, it’s not a stretch to say that Jeremy and Samantha have their hands full. Money is tight, but Jeremy has always worked extremely hard to make the most comfortable life for him and his family, and has been in the process of renovating their home himself.

On October 16, 2012 Jeremy went to the doctor to have a lump on the bottom of his foot looked at. It had bothered him for a few weeks. He walked into the doctor’s office thinking he was healthy as a horse, and was told that he not only had cancer, but he was going to lose part of his leg. As you can imagine, this news was devastating to Jeremy and his family and friends.

A week later, Jeremy and Samantha went to their follow up appointment at the James Cancer Hospital to review tests and scans with his oncologist. They were told Jeremy’s cancer was very aggressive and had already spread to his lungs and lymph nodes. He was diagnosed with stage four high-grade Sarcoma, and they scheduled amputation for the next day.

While recovering from his amputation, doctors told Jeremy that his cancer is not curable, but if he wanted to go through chemo to delay things, he could. Samantha and Jeremy made the decision together that he’s still going to do everything he can to fight this, and he started chemotherapy.

His friends and family believe in the power of prayer, and the power of great treatment! We are trying everything we can to reduce stress for Jeremy so he can focus on trying to fight this, and heal from his surgery. We also want Samantha, Ellie, Parkus and Paisley to spend as much time with Jeremy as they can right now, and not have to worry about other things.

Jeremy works as a salesman, and is receiving very little pay at the moment. Samantha has taken a lot of time off work, and overall their financial situation is just extremely stressful right now. During his treatment, Jeremy’s son Parkus fell out of bed and broke his arm, and had surgery last week, which is another financial hurdle.

At this point the best way you can assist is financially, so please donate if you are able to. We have yellow Team Jeremy rubber bracelets for anyone that donates $15 or more. The address information you input on the billing screen isn’t shared with us. If you donated $15 or more, please email me at blahbethany@gmail.com with your mailing address and we will send you a thank you note and your bracelet that you can wear it in support of Team Jeremy.

I really can’t even tell all of you how much we love Jeremy, and how desperately we want him to get better. We want his family taken care of, and are trying to raise as much money as possible for them at this time of need. Please feel free to leave words of support for Jeremy and his family in the comments section, they will be reading it. And please don’t forget to DONATE!

Baby Lieb LIVE BLOG!!!!

It’s GO TIME! After 9 months… Baby Lieb is on the way here. FYI to those of you that don’t know, Baby Lieb is my brother and his wife Lindsay’s baby. I’m going to be an aunt today! We still don’t know if it’s a girl or boy, and that won’t be announced on here until Mom and Dad make the announcement themselves, so if you’re reading this to stalk Baby Lieb details, you’ve come to the wrong place! This is for humor and documentation purposes only. There needs to be written documentation of how many times my mom cries, all the crazy things she says/does, and the waiting room antics for Steve and Lindsay to see after the baby comes.


Start from the bottom, newest updates at the top!

Everyone, meet Landon! He’s such a cutie. He was born 7 lbs 14 oz, 20″ long! Healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes. He’s a really chill baby, and loves to be wrapped up like a burrito. I’m gonna steal him!!

7:20 PM ish…. 10 fingers, 10 toes!!!!! WE HAVE A HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL BABY LIEB!!! Not a dry eye in the place, we’re all blubbering messes. Mommy and Daddy are doing great and look overjoyed and emotional! We got to see a drive by of the baby, Mama Lindsay and Daddy Steve get some bonding time first before we get formally introduced! Thanks to friends and family for caring enough to keep up with this! We wish you were here and we love you guys!


Here’s a great example of why I hide my tagged photos on Facebook.


If you ever wonder what I was doing immediately after graduating high school, here is your answer in video form:

I have no idea why we made these videos, but I’m so glad we did because they make me laugh when I go back and watch them.

Kaila made the best voices. And no matter what you say, our singing is awesome.

Please keep in mind we were 18 at the time, so us being annoying is permitted!!!


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