My sit down with with Noor from MTV’s Fresh Meat 2. He talks about his Jersey Shore love, Buckeye hate, and most importantly his Kenny Santucci bromance

As everyone knows, I’m a huge reality TV junkie and watch practically every MTV show loyally. Above all (yes, even Jersey Shore), my favorite show year after year is The Challenge. For those of you unfamiliar (shame!), the basic premise is a bunch of ex-Real World roommates competing for cash. LOTS of cash. MTV changed it up with Fresh Meat II, bringing in rookies new to MTV.  Noor finished strong at 4th place, narrowly missing the cut for a cash prize.

Q: You were so close to walking away with cash on Fresh Meat II. I thought you did a great job, especially for a first challenge. I was bummed to see you weren’t cast in The Challenge: Cutthroat. Can we expect MTV to up their “Middle Eastern” quota (as you so eloquently stated in a Mark Long interview) and recast you soon? Are you up for that or have you retired after your rookie challenge?

A: If they call me up, I’m totally down to do another challenge. I have a lot to prove, and A LOT to say, and I’m wishing for the chance to do it individually!

Q: Most contestants on these challenge shows have previously been on the Real World, but you weren’t. If given the chance, would you have been on the Real World? Are you thankful you got to bypass embarrassing yourself for no reason and go straight to embarrassing yourself for money?

A: Most of the Fresh Meat had all initially applied for Real World and we all made it to the finals where they fly you out to LA, however we didn’t make the cut, but we all did get the call for this. After 5 weeks in that house, I think I’m completely OK with NOT being on the Real World, I probably would’ve killed someone, and I would’ve been on Brooklyn.

Q: It seems like there is a ton of down time in between challenges. Did you have a “go to” activity when there was nothing to do in the house?

A: I really didn’t have a go to activity but more a go to buddy, which was Kenny. We always seemed to talk about stuff, or getting something started in the house, not to mention the pool table and the hot tub, those were always clutch.

Q: There are quite a few challenge veterans that weren’t on your season. Since I’m sure you’ll be competing in the future, is there one veteran in particular that you would really like to compete with or against?

A: I think I would really like to go against Alton individually, everyone says he’s the best and the most athletic….I wanna find out for myself, and I wouldn’t mind goin against Wes again.

Q: You’re on MTV, so I feel almost obligated to ask you a Jersey Shore question. Who is Jersey’s hottest guido, Pauly D, The Situation, or Kenny Santucci?

A: Well my boy is Kenny, hes like a brother, but I’ll be honest I’m a big fan of Pauly D! Oh yeeeaaa! Beat that beat up son!

Q: If you’re cast for Fresh Meat 3 as a veteran and SURPRISE! The Jersey Shore cast is included in the fresh meat. You’re left with 3 choices – Sammi, Snooki, and J-Wow. Who do you pick and why?

A: Well Snooki would be fun to cuddle with and hang out with but unfortunately shes not very athletic. And J-Woww would be a great choice, but unfortunately on our show you can’t hit people so shes way to much of a liability. That leaves Sammi Sweetheart, who just like myself played college soccer and was a midfielder, hands down I’d pick Sammi in a heartbeat!

A: I’m from Columbus Ohio, so I need to ask you if you’re an Ohio State Buckeye fan. If you answer yes, do you plan on making an appearance here anytime soon? If no, consider yourself uninvited!

Q: If I can get the crew all together, our next stop is totally Ohio although I hate the Buckeyes. Growing up in Michigan and being a Texas Longhorn, I kinda hate em twice.

Even though he’s a Longhorn (and admitted Buckeye hater) I’m still a Noor fan because A) he’s a Jersey Shore lover (who can hate a fellow Jersey Shore fan?), B) I don’t want to get a future challenge finalist on my bad side, and C) let’s be honest here, home boy is attractive. Very attractive.

You can keep up with Noor’s thought nuggets on Twitter at @MTVNoor.

4 responses

  1. Christina

    I wondered how people ended up on The Challenge…I think Noor would have been a great addition to the Brooklyn Real World house.

    October 23, 2010 at 9:26 AM

  2. Anonymous

    Sammi?? You would have argued with her the whole time instead of winning challenges!! I Would pick Jwow because she’s a beast like Laurel hahaha

    October 23, 2010 at 12:30 PM

  3. Rachel

    I am in LOVE with Noor!! MTV WE WANT MORE NOOR!!

    November 4, 2010 at 11:58 PM

  4. Anonymous


    November 16, 2010 at 9:15 PM

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