My Cell Phone Fiasco

My whole life my folks have said if I was kidnapped they’d be able to find me by following the trail of things I lose along the way. I lose hair twisties, keys, cell phones, purses, wallets, cameras, clothes, shoes (only one, never both), socks, money… you name it, I’ve lost it. The good news is they’re usually just temporarily lost and recovered within a few days or hours. I think it’s because I’m absentminded and don’t think about things when I do them. I just do it. Then I try to retrace my steps and can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast, let alone the order of events in my day. It’s pathetic, really.

Well this month was the first time I’ve lost a phone. Sad. It’s my 3G iPhone. Granted it’s 2 years old and has seen better days. It’s been dropped 5 thousand times, scratched, etc…. but was still in working condition. My contract ends in September and I’ve been planning on switching to Verizon or another company that offers insurance on their phones. AT&T doesn’t offer insurance on the iPhone, so if you break it or drop it in water, you have to pay full price for a replacement. Which blows! I’m a klutz, I need insurance. Anyway, sometime in the last month I lost it. It was when I was on vacation from work. I have no idea how I lost it, since I was only at my house and my parent’s house for those few days, but oh well.

So I’ve been shopping around for a new phone and I think I’ve settled on the HTC Evo. I know a new iPhone is coming out tomorrow that will be extremely tempting, but since Gizmodo got a hold of it ahead of time, I know the screen size is still smaller than the Evo. That’s what is most attractive to me about the Evo, not the 4G capabilities. The 4G doesn’t matter to me since it won’t be available in the Columbus, Ohio area until 2011 (supposedly). 3G is more than enough for me, and I hear Sprints 3G network is better than AT&T’s. I don’t send a lot of videos, and have absolutely no need to video chat with people. I’ll be OK.

I was considering buying it today, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow so I can A) double-check if I get an equipment discount from my company (we do with several other carriers so I need to double-check with Sprint) and B) see the iPhone presentation Steve Jobs is making juuuust so I can sleep well at night. If they are in fact announcing a Verizon iPhone (I’ve heard it’s a slim to none chance) then I’m going to consider buying it if they offer insurance. I doubt they will, since I’m pretty sure it’s the manufacturer (Apple) that prevents insurance on the phones. I don’t see why they’d offer insurance on Verizon and not AT&T.

I’ll let everyone know what I end up getting, and when I get it. I’m sure you’ll see lots of “From Android” Twitter and Facebook updates. I’m excited to have a phone again! It’s been an entire month. My Twitter has been severely neglected.

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