Do you see me? I changed my layout, and hopefully all of you can see my entries now.

As usual I have a lot to write about since I haven’t blog blogged in some time now. This is a valid warning: If you do not want to read long incoherent ramblings, please leave.

A truly horrific event occurred over the holidays. I bought a new computer and decided to give my dad my old Macbook Pro as a gift for Christmas. I wanted to give it to him wiped, so I transferred all my data onto my brother’s external hard drive. I put everything on my computer and checked, double checked, AND triple checked that I was able to access it and all was well. At that point I deleted it off his hard drive and my old computer, and organized all my pictures (which took hours) and went to bed. I woke up the next day to find everything gone. I don’t know what happened, or how I did it, but it happened. 6000+ photos, 50GB+ of music, all my letters of recommendation, resume, essays, writings, everything… just gone. Needless to say I was devastated. I went through a frenzy of downloading data recovery programs (none of which worked), researching data recover services (which are ridiculously expensive, by the way) and have now come to the realization that everything is gone and I’m now going through the grief process, haha. I’m now in the “hope for the future” stage of the grief process, and just trying to go through all my old emails, blogs, photo hosting sites, and people’s Facebooks (stealin’ yer pcturez) trying to recover as many as I can. The worst part for me is that most of the important pictures were never put online, because there was never a need for other people to see them. Lots of traveling photos, graduation photos, site seeing…. ahhh. I’m sad again now.

Other than that, the holidays were great. Our family had an especially dysfunctional Christmas morning. We all procrastinated on gift shopping and basically no one had any gifts to open on Christmas morning, just lots of “well this is what I’m getting you but I don’t have it with me.” We suck at Christmas. The few gifts I did walk away with were some toiletries I bought with my mom on Christmas Eve at Walmart. Not much of a surprise there. Steve and Lindsay also bought me an AMC gift card (they know me well.) which I’m planning on using here pretty soon. Since I didn’t get much from my parents, my mom is going to buy me an external hard drive. I learned my lesson, and will definitely be backing up my data from now on.

Oh yeah, and my sister bought me hot rollers. One of the best things to ever happen to me. They are so easy! My hair looks awesome after 10 minutes. I like to pretend that I’m Megan Fox (LGT inspiration picture) while taking them out. Too bad I’m a cheap discount version of Megan Fox. Add some extra weight and remove most of the good looks and that’s me! :-P Normally my hair doesn’t hold curl very well, but somehow my hair holds the curl WITHOUT hair spray when I use hot rollers. So it’s double awesome… soft sexy hair! I’m a convert.

New Years was so fun. My sister had a party… Kelsie came. Kelsie sucks because I have so much fun with her while she’s at home and then she leaves again for school and it makes me sad. Anyway, her and I went. I played my first game of flip cup. WHO MAKES IT TO THE AGE OF 21 WITHOUT EVER PAYING FLIP CUP? Apparentely I do. I’ve seen it played dozens of time but never play it because I don’t like beer. How to do you solve that problem? Well, you play it with White Zin! Before I knew it I had drank an entire bottle of white zin. Which… I NEVER drink wine. Everrrr. I just recently found a brand of White Zin I enjoy. So I’m quickly becoming a wino. I am also AMAZINGLY GOOD at flip cup. I am a natural athlete, but did not think that included the sport of flipcup.

After that I didn’t feel drunk, but apparently I was. I promptly went upstairs, sent a mass “Happy New Yea!!!” text, forgetting the “r,” and went to bad at around 1 AM. I am surprised I was coherent enough to send the text, honestly I am.

I spent the night at my parent’s last night and played Mario Kart all day long on Wii. I decided I would take it home with me and packed everything up. Got home and realized I packed EVERYTHING but the controllers. Sometimes I am so stupid. Honestly. I’m a retard. So yeah, now I have all these games, a guitar hero guitar, a Wii, a sensor bar, and nothing to do with them. Insert sad face here.

Well that’s enough useless information for one day. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas also.

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