Brit Britttttt

There’s a few Britney pictures for your fancy. I’m an idiot and didn’t bring my camera (in my defense neither did Bree).

The first one is the best. It’s a picture of the guy’s hair in front of me. I’m thinking about cutting my hair like that. It’s definitely the most unique hairstyle I’ve ever seen.

The dude sitting next to me was by himself, didn’t stand up for most of the concert, and watched Britney 90% of the time through a pair of binoculars. He got especially attentive when she was in the skimpy outfits. Perv.

My parents are out of town this week in San Antonio so I’m house sitting for them. It is nice. Their house actually has air conditioning that works. Except they screwed me over and didn’t go grocery shopping before they left. Which sucks because I went grocery shopping at my house before I left so all my food is sitting in the fridge going bad, LIKE USUAL. I always do that… I suck at life.

Tomorrow at work we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I’m organizing it. I have to make taco meat for the tacos. BIG RESPONSIBILITY. Not really, but to me it is. I don’t cook very often, even if it is just ground beef sturred up in a pan with taco seasoning. I bought the Taco Bell brand seasoning because that seemed promising to me. You can’t go wrong with Taco Bell seasoning, right?

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  1. ryan

    I left a comment but didnt leave my email so they erased it. Stupid wordpress. I had an extravagent paragraph of preposition and verbs. Now I just have this.

    Way to not bring a camera, and taco bell seasonsing is delicious!

    May 4, 2009 at 9:32 PM

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