Picture of the Day

I read Post Secret every Sunday to see the new ones they post, and this week, this caught my eye. And I just wanted to say that whoever wrote that is mistaken! Women are infertile on “Lost”… DUH! They don’t have periods. That’s probably why the crazy writers threw the story line in there, just so people wouldn’t wonder what Kate does when she’s …uhhh.

You are obviously not a hard-core Lost fan, therefore you don’t have permission to cut out pictures of Matthew Fox and write dirty things around him. Sicko!

One response

  1. Kevin

    You never know. They had Dharma wine and Dharma peanut butter. Maybe they had Dharma tampons too! I don’t think the women are “infertile” on the island,’cause Juliet told Sun she got pregnant on the island (I guess she may have lied to her). Or maybe the “healing energy” of the island causes it to stop. Or maybe we’re just not supposed to ask such practical questions about a time traveling magical island.

    March 8, 2009 at 11:15 PM

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