Computer dropped off for el-repairo

Finally I was able to schedule an appointment with Apple to repair my Macbook Pro. It was making this weird noise when I turned it on, then it would crash. Apparently it’s my hard drive that’s was making all the noise… it’s “scratching all it’s information off”… that’s how they explained it to me. Translation: I lost ALL my photos, all of the book I had been writing, all my music, everything. Gone. Adios. Sayonara. Bye-bye.

I didn’t have a backup hard drive because I’m an idiot. Sooooo…RIP. The only good news is that Apple no longer carries my size hard drive anymore (100 GB) so I get a 120 GB for free, complements of Apple Care Protection Plan. Buying that was the best $100 investment I’ve ever made!

So anyways… I’m bummed now. I had the ultimate bookmarks/favorites. One night I spent FOREVER searching all the old websites I used to go to and found all my old photos on Webshot, and Photobucket… and I found all my old Xanga blogs. I also had an awesome thing full of people’s blogs…. 

Anyways, I should have my computer back within 3-4 business days so hopefully by next week.

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