Britney, is that you?

Britney Spears randomly decided to attend a Generation Rescue event yesterday in Los Angeles. I looked into it, and it’s an organization against vaccinating children with Autism. Baaaasically the most random event ever. It’s probably the only event she was allowed into because she’s such an insurance liability, they’re afraid she’ll randomly start shaving people’s heads. Anyways, she showed up looking really normal, not the old Britney she used to be, but it’s definitely a big improvement.

And no, I’m not turning into a celebrity gossip website but I am going to post occasional things I find entertaining.

A few more photos…


One response

  1. Jody Dazio

    Wow, she would look primo if she’d lose the greasy hair. I hate celebrity gossip but it’s hard to not pay attention to that train wreck. It’s almost like when someone pukes in public… you can’t help but look.

    July 20, 2008 at 9:22 PM

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