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Grumpy Cat is les miserable.

Les Miserable grumpy cat

Speaking of Le Mis…. did anyone see it over the holidays? I really wanted to, but no one would see it would me. wah.

A lot of you probably don’t appreciate the Homeschool Harold meme as much as I do….

So, I was homeschooled until 6th grade. So a lot of you probably don’t appreciate the homeschool Harold meme as much as I do…. but seriously, this is awesome. And surprisingly accurate:

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Jenelle’s Mom Meme is my new favorite.

I made mine… make your own here!

800 of you inexplicably like my Facebook page.

800 of you awesome, awesome people inexplicably have liked my Facebook page.

If you’re reading this, and you haven’t already, go over there and like it… because I post lots of stuff over there that doesn’t make it to this page…

Also, in honor of my new favorite meme, “Success Kid”, here are some of my favorites…. more after the jump!


You’re going to hell for laughing at the Third World Success Kid Meme

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Conspiracy Theory Keanu Reeves meme is my new favorite meme.

Do you know how many times I’ve wondered this to myself? A lot of times.

And now I’m ashamed.

Here’s a slideshow of the rest of Keanu Reeve’s conspiracy theory meme:

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I’m obsessed with….the Angry NYPD Cop meme

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Basically you’ll like this video because it’s Ryan Gosling laughing and being adorable.

Josh Horowitz, my favorite interviewer ever, has persuaded Ryan Gosling to read his Hey Girl memes AGAIN! Amazing.

If you’re not familiar with his Hey Girl meme, that’s ok. You’ll still enjoy the video because it’s Ryan Gosling being adorable and laughing.

via Video Gum

You think Tina Fey’s daugther has swag? I think JON STEWART’S daughter has swag.

I recently I blogged about Tina Fey’s daughter running and how it had turned into a photoshop meme. I hope it was education for everyone.

Then the other day I saw this picture of Jon Stewart’s daughter, Maggie Rose, running on Perez Hilton and it cracked me up.

I NEEDED TO JOIN THEM TOGETHER. So…. here you go. I used my rudimentary photoshop skills to join together these two amazing kids (along with some of my other favorite memes) to bring enjoyment to everyone here.

Hopefully this becomes a meme and I can be like “I CREATED THAT MEME!”


Let’s make it happen, people. Comment with any funny photoshops of your own, or comment to make fun of mine. THAT WORKS TOO.

Here you go:

INTERNET EDUCATION SESSION: Tina Fey’s daughter got swag.

Last time in Internet Meme Education we talked about Latarian and his SUV joy ride… today we’re talking about Tina Fey’s daughter, Alice.

Tina Fey announced she is pregnant last week. She’s super pregnant, actually. She’s been in the news a ton because of it. This is peaked the interest of paparazzi everywhere, which I am extremely thankful for because I LOVE TINA FEY. To be honest I love Liz Lemon (30 Rock) first and foremost and then Tina Fey second.

She was photographed walking with her husband (YES THAT MONSTER IS HER HUSBAND. Ugh.) and her daughter Alice. Best picture ever, right? Alice definitely has swag. Her swag has turned into a new internet meme, and people are photoshopping her into everything.

I personally feel this picture was DESTINED to be coupled with Leonardo DiCaprio’s famed walking picture. Here are a two of my favorites:

I know the situation in Egypt isn’t funny, but…. THIS is funny.

Why is he wearing bread on his head? I do not know. I am glad he did, though.

Know your meme: Snowstorm Ice Cream Cone Guy

It started out as an innocent Washington Post story, with a featured photo of a dude running in a snow storm with an ice cream cone and no coat. It turned into a FULL. ON. INTERNET. MEME. Which is why I’m here to edumacate you.

His name is Zach Burroughs and he is now the victim to countless photoshops. Guess which one I made? :)

James Vandermeme

The last one is titled “Oh no you di’int!” and I think it’s perfect.

I realize the paparazzi are annoying, but I tolerate them because they give great face. Here are the 20 funniest photos they took in 2010

1. Britney Spears brain freeze

2. Chris Brown making a poor decision to pose with someone he probably beat up.



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