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Study: An hour of TV can shorten your life by 22 minutes.

Bad news. It turns out all the hours I’ve spent watching Jersey Shore have reduced my life span by hours, and hours, and hours. Ok let’s be real. By this point My 22 minutes have added up to decades in total. But you know what? IT’S WORTH IT. MSNBC reports:

The AFP news agency said scientists at the School of Population Health at the University of Queensland studied 11,000 Australian adults who were aged at least 25 in the year 2000.

The academics checked their data against an estimate from 2008 that Australians aged 25 or above watched TV for 9.8 billion hours. This was associated with the loss of 286,000 years of life, the AFP said.

An extrapolation of these figures found that a single hour of TV was responsible for the loss of just under 22 minutes of life, the news agency reported.

Smoking two cigarettes has approximately the same effect.

The problem is not actually TV itself but the lack of activity by the viewer for long periods, the researches said. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, excess weight and other health problems are associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Basically what they’re saying is every hour if inactivity (AKA television time) is shortening your life by 22 minutes because you’re going to become a fat ass. Or you already are a fat ass and you’re not doing anything about it. I’m not sure I buy that. That would be like saying every one hour I spend at work being a zombie in front of my computer screen will shorten my life because I’m not exercising. Which isn’—well actually, now that I think about that, it’s probably true. I should quit my job and just watch TV all day if it’s going to have the same effect on my life span.

This is just another reason why having a DVR is vital to your quality of life. IT’ NOT JUST ABOUT CONVENIENCE. Commercials are killing you! If you fast forward all of them, you’re literally adding extra time onto your life. I will use this argument when my parents try to cancel that part of the cable package. “BUT MOM. IT WILL KILL ME. Do you want me to die?”

Am I going to reduce the amount of television I watch? HELL NO. Teen Mom and Jersey Shore are worth not living another 22 minutes in the nursing home while my roommate watches TBN. I’d rather enjoy quality reality television now than enjoy an additional 22 minutes of The 700 Club while wearing an adult diaper when I’m 80.

Panda celebrates his 2nd birthday with an Ice birthday cake!

d’awwww… this panda is so cute. He has an ice birthday cake that also has a layer made with yams apples and carrots. I’m sure he’d prefer a Dippin’ Dots cake, but Pandas can’t have everything, now can they?

The San Diego Zoo held an early morning party for their giant panda Yun Zi’s second birthday on Friday August 5, 2011 by presenting him with a specially-made ice cake (panda’s love ice.) Yun Zi was born on August 5, 2009 and was the fifth cub born from his mother Bai Yun and fourth cub to his father Gao Gao. Yun Zi was conceived through natural mating. His name, meaning “Son of Cloud” in Chinese was chosen from a list of 6,300 names submitted by fans of the San Diego Zoo, but wasn’t revealed until November 17, 2009, 104 days after his original birth date. Several months later, Yun Zi made his first public appearance at the Zoo on January 7, 2010 to a cavalcade of press and adoring fans.

Yun Zi’s cake was specially created by staff from the Zoo’s forage warehouse. Decorated with bamboo leaf bows, the mostly-ice cake included a bowl in the lower tier that was filled with yams, apples and carrots – his preferred fruits and veggies.


If you’re old enough to be married, YOU SHOULDN’T BE SHOPPING AT ABERCROMBIE & FITCH.

This lady, Kim Navarra, is (inexplicably) upset because when she tried to order $200+ online from she received an email notifying her that her order was cancelled and that they wouldn’t accept any orders from her in the future. Why? Because they suspected she was reselling the merchandise since she shopped there so much.

The funny this is that she doesn’t realize Abercrombie is doing her a favor. SERIOUSLY. YOU SHOULDN”T BE SHOPPING THERE ANYMORE. You are clearly out of high school, and you’re MARRIED.

Everyone reading this, please listen to me. We were all brainwashed as high schoolers into thinking Abercrombie was the cool stylish thing to wear. Because all of the other kids in high school were brainwashed too, you were *actually* cool for wearing it. But in the real world… that’s not how it works. You shouldn’t be wearing it anymore.

Kim, if you’re reading this, do yourself a favor and start spending your money on clothing that’s age appropriate and doesn’t have huge text written on your ass or across your boobs.

Today’s story featuring a guy in a bunny costume being creepy.

WTF. There are so many strange sexual fettishes out there that freak me out. I guess in the large scale of things furries aren’t the WORST but they’re definitely up there in my opinion. Here’s a story about a creepster named William Falkingham who probably got fired from his job after this went viral on The Daily What:

Idaho Falls police have warned 34-year-old William Falkingham to quit wearing his bunny suit in public as it scares children.

According to a police report, multiple complaints have been received concerning Falkingham’s furry penchant, but the final straw came after he was allegedly spotted behind a tree, peeking at a young boy “and pointing his finger like a gun.”

Neighbor Deborah Colson defended Falkingham’s actions, saying “He’s got the bunny outfit, a cowboy suit and a ballerina dress but you don’t see him except where he’s tripping through his backyard.”

“He’s got a strange lifestyle at home but we all do weird things at home,” she added.

A police spokeswoman said Falkingham told officers he “enjoys wearing the suit,” but understands people’s concerns.

Man plans to live with lions for 5 weeks to raise money for his zoo. Hmm….

Some crazy guy wants to live with his lions for 35 days to raise awareness and money for his private, underfunded zoo. I mean, that’s great for the lions and all, but this sounds like it will end badly for the fellow. Here’s the rest of the story:

A Ukrainian zookeeper plans to spend five weeks living in an enclosure with two lions to raise funds for the zoo.

Alexander Pylyshenko, who entered the lions’ enclosure on Tuesday, said he plans to spend the next 35 days painting pictures of the lions which he will sell to raise money for new buildings.

The 40-year-old even intends to help a pregnant lioness give birth during his time with the lions, the zoo said.

“I hope that my attitude and the optimism with which I approach this project will be understood by people,” he said in a statement on the zoo’s website.

He told a local newspaper, Nash Gorod, that he planned to take showers and use a toilet outside the enclosure but would sleep on a wooden platform inside.

The private zoo in the town of Vasylivka in western Ukraine, around 500 kilometres from Kiev, has two lions, named Samson and Katya, living in a bare enclosure.

Hasn’t he ever heard of Timothy Treadwell? Wild animals will always be wild animals, no matter how cuddly and sweet they are 95% of the time. Anyway, I wish him the best, and hope this is all a publicity stunt. And I hope he can sleep with one eye open.

Step 1: Home invasion. Step 2: strap a bomb collar on some rich people’s daughter. Step 3: ???? (spoiler alert, she’s OK)

Seriously, doesn’t this sound like it’s straight out of a Saw film? This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever read. SPOILER ALERT: she makes it out alive because it was an “elaborate hoax.” Not hoax as in, “haha, just kidding!” but hoax as in, “we don’t know how to make a real bomb but we’ll make it look like it’s a real bomb so you still pay ransom” type situation. Except it’s a little more complicated than that… let me explain.

Madeleine Pulver's home that was broken into

The poor girl’s name is Madeleine. Except she’s not poor… she goes to the most prestigious school in Sydney and her parents are William and Belinda Pulver, one of Sydney’s wealthiest families. I’m guessing that’s why she was was targeted.

Here are the facts: While she was at home studying for exams in the kitchen, an unknown man broke into the house, put the collar bomb on her, told her it would blow up if she tried to take it off, attached a note to the bomb, and left.

Police were called, they had to bring in bomb experts from Britain. They were able to get the thing off after TEN. FREAKING. HOURS. Can you imagine how traumatized that poor girl is? I mean, I can’t even imagine. That sounds absolutely terrible.

Here’s where things are weird, though. The note wasn’t a ransom note. The note was signed “Dick Straun”, who is the main character in the book, Tai-Pan. Maddie’s brothers and most of her male friend’s go to a different private school, Sydney Church of England Grammar, where the book Tai-Pan was on the recommended reading list last year. Police are seeing if it was possible another student that did it.

There is a large scale investigation being launched and they’re trying to figure out who did it by using forensic evidence on the collar bomb. Hopefully they’re able to find the people responsible and put them in jail for a long, long time. Or they can make them be the next cast members of the Saw film franchise turned reality show. That’d be a fitting punishment, wouldn’t it?

There is currently a bidding war going on for an exclusive interview with Maddie to find out more details, but her family is obviously well off enough to turn down those offers. They said she wants to go back to a normal life and be left alone. So much so that she played in a field hockey game and is taking exams this week. Good for her!

You can read more about the story over at Daily Telegraph, where I stole these pictures from.

Casey Anthony spotted at Old Navy in Columbus. Wearing an OSU hat. CRAP.

I mean REALLY? You had to wear an Ohio State hat? Like we haven’t received enough bad press lately? Sigh. Turns out those private plane rumors when she got released probably ended up being true. A rep for the university tells TMZ,

“We are never surprised to see Buckeye pride displayed across the world. Buckeye hoodies and hats have traditionally been spotted across the world, and we understand that as a result, our logo will be seen in a wide range of news situations, whether positive or negative.”

It was a good effort at damage control, no? Anyway, moving on from my Ohio State butthurtness…. THE PICTURES. Man. They’re crazy. She gained a LOT of weight. I’m not saying she’s fat (she’s not) but it’s just a lot of weight to gain so quickly. She was very thin exiting jail:

And then you see the most recent pictures of her from the side. Different story:

These pictures aren’t the best examples. I’m on my lunch break and TMZ has some weird protection on the pictures so I can’t save them. You can look at the gallery here. So I had to find some pictures in Google images and my choices are sparce. In the gallery, the photos of her frame that leave no doubt in my mind it’s actually Casey. Because you know there will be the, “That’s not her!” deniers.

But it’s definitely her. She’s just shaped the same. Yes, her boobs seem bigger and her face is fuller, but I mean… it happens. Maybe she did it intentionally? Who knows. She actually looks better, I think. She cut her hair and has some makeup on.

She was shopping at Old Navy, I guess. What makes me wonder though, is how obviously the photos were taken of her. She’s walking down the sidewalk and straight ahead is someone taking a picture of her. There aren’t any pictures of her walking away or tying to hide her face. And I mean, how can you miss someone with a camera RIGHT. THERE. Maybe they hired an agency to take photos and sell them to the press? Because she couldn’t get any interview money from the big networks? I mean, she’s got to pay for her “treatment” somehow, and a lot of celebrities are selling their own photos now. She pulled a Spencer Pratt!

I love how Jose Biaz, her lawyer, said she’d “never be found.” Like she was in Cuba or something. All along she’s in Ohio, where most people figured she’d go, and it took like… a month to be photographed. NICELY DONE.

She apparently has a hearing with her probation officer in Orlando today or tomorrow. I think her lawyers are trying to get her out of it. To be honest, I haven’t been following the story much post-trial. I don’t really care. But I do think playing detective is fun, and the fact that she’s in my hometown is interesting. If I see her I’ll follow her and sell the address to TMZ fo sho! Pay off some tuition debt! HOLLA. Thanks Casey Anthony.

I’m pretty sure all the NY gays will be outraged over the wardrobe choices of the first married same sex couple.

I’m pretty sure all the fashion forward NY gays will be outraged over the wardrobe choices of the first married same sex couple. But other than that, I’m sure they’re thrilled for them!

Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd were the first same-sex couple to marry in New York State a second after midnight today. They chose to ring in their new marriage wearing a terrible white suit and an ill-fitting sparkly Chiffon disaster.The good news is THEY’RE LEGALLY MARRIED NOW! Wooo!

Are they at Niagra Falls? What are they doing in a suit, they should’ve done it in PONCHOS. That would be amazing AND they wouldn’t have ended up on every Worst Dressed list because ponchos are perfectly acceptable attire while at Niagra Falls. A blue fairy godmother dress and a white Western suit, however, are not.

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First official photos of Kristen Stewart for Snow White and the Huntsman

Universal Pictures release the first set of photos for Snow White & the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart as Snow White. When I heard about this a while back I was worried about the casting choice of Kristen. It’s been well documented that I’m not a huge Kristen Stewart fan. Her acting is one-dimension to me, she breathes really loud in movies to replace actual emotions, and her awkwardness annoys me.

She HAS grown on me a bit recently, and I did see some growth out of her in the latest Twilight movie (DON’T YOU DARE judge me). These shots, released for the San Diego Comicon, are pretty sweet. There are two versions of Snow White coming out next year. One starring Lily Collins, which I think is going to be more fairy tale and will more closely follow the Snow White story we all know. Then there’s Snow White & the Huntsman which IMDB describes as:

In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen.

It should definitely be interesting. The photos released almost make her seem like Joan of Arc. Definitely a totally new direction for Kristen Stewart. I’ve never seen her play in anything besides teenage angst films and ….teenage angst films.

What do you think about the photos? Think it’s worth seeing? Think Kristen will be chin quivering and heaving breathing her way through this one, too? I hope not.

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Police sources confirmed Amy Winehouse is dead at N London home at 3.54pm. Alcohol and drugs overdose suspected

It is being reported that Amy Winehouse, Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, was found dead at her London Flat today from an apparent drug or alcohol overdose.

The story is developing, but comes as little surprise due to her antics over the last several years. She has been in and out of rehab and struggled severely with drugs and alcohol.

She leaves behind her parents and 13-year-old goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield.

This is truly sad, not just because Amy was a talented musician but because she struggled for so many years and no one could reach her.

I can’t believe she’s dead though. I was JUST listening to her music in the shower, then Adele came on and I kept hoping Adele never goes down the path Amy went down. They both have powerful voices and are some of the most talented people in music today.




Photos from teen camp shooting, none are graphic but still very disturbing.

For those of you not familiar with the story, a political extremist is suspected to have bombed a building in Oslo, Norway then he traveled to a Youth Camp where the Prime Minister was supposed to be speaking that day. He said he was just checking on things due to the bombing. He started shooting people in mass, not everyone knew where the gun fire was coming from. He would tell people to run to him for safety and when they ran to him he would shoot them. You can read a full summary of the story and the bombing here.

Really terrifying details are being released about the incident, such as this girl’s story:

A 15-year-old camper named Elise said she heard gunshots, but then saw a police officer and thought she was safe. Then he started shooting people right before her eyes.

‘I saw many dead people,’ said Elise. ‘He first shot people on the island. Afterwards he started shooting people in the water.’

Elise said she hid behind the same rock that the killer was standing on. ‘I could hear his breathing from the top of the rock,’ she said. In panic, the girl phoned her parents, whispering to them what was going on.

‘They told me not to panic and that everything would be OK,” she said.

Her parents also told her to get rid of a brightly coloured jacket she was wearing to not draw attention to herself. She said it was impossible to say how many minutes passed while she was waiting for him to stop

God. That’s so scary. Can you imagine getting a call like that from your kid? This really (REALLY. Right now) makes me feel sick to my stomach, and reading through it just keeps making me want to cry. Imagine being on A TINY ISLAND trying to hide. It’s like a fucked up version of The Most Dangerous Game.

These few photos are especially disturbing to me because it really does show that it was basically like being hunted. Those kids obviously fled to the coast of the tiny island and hoped he wouldn’t go around the island trying to find them. Obviously he did. I mean, he had a TON of time. People on th news keep saying there has to be a second gunman and there’s no way one man could’ve done all that. IT TOOK COPS 30 MINUTES TO GET THERE. He was the only person on the island with a gun. He had on body armor. What can you do except run? The death toll of 85 (and rising) doesn’t surprise me at all.

This is a photo of SWAT teams finally arriving to the island and rescuing some kids that were hiding from the gunman. Can you IMAGINE how scary it would be to see a bunch of police officers with guns after someone dressed like a cop just tried to kill everyone? In one way you’d feel safe but at the same time you’d wonder if they’re really who they say they are. It’s also strange to see how many kids weren’t dressed. I wonder if they were all trying to swim away or something.

Two teenage boys wrapped in blankets are evacuated from the island by rescue workers. In a way I’m thankful that the camp was full of teenagers that were able to at least run quickly and use critical thinking to hide themselves instead of really young kids that surely would’ve suffered more casualties.

I can’t say anything but my prayers and thoughts go out to the city of Oslo and the people of Norway. I can’t imagine the pain they’re experiencing. It’s a truly heinous crime that was committed, and obviously out of cold blood to kill children like that. I hope the man is brought to justice.

Fat dog and dog owner go on a diet, win award for weight loss

Awwww… this story is great. Alyson King and her dog Lucky lost a combined 100 pounds! And they worked together, so that makes me happy. So many pets are overweight and their owners think they’re doing them a favor, but it’s actually shortening their pet’s life and giving them health problems. The best thing you can do for your pet is to keep them on a good diet and keep them at a healthy weight!

I like the dog’s Kim Kardashian pose from the back, looking over his shoulder. VERY FIGURE FLATTERING. Good thing he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore since he’s a skinny-mini! via BBC news:

An overweight Labrador and his owner have shed 7st (44kg) between them, to land the pet an animal charity’s slimming champ of the year title. Lucky came top in the slimming stakes after losing 5in (13cm) from his waistline, and his weight fell by about 2st (13kg).


Ms King said that before his diet, Lucky had struggled to walk properly and hated all forms of exercise. Ms King said: “Now he runs and jumps around, which he wasn’t able to do before. As the weight has dropped off, he’s become much more energetic.”

Biscuit-loving Lucky before he went on his diet and fitness regime. “He certainly keeps me in check – if he thinks it’s time for walkies, he starts whining at me so I don’t forget. It’s been a real weight-loss journey for both of us.”

Without his “no treats” diets and the extra exercise, the nine-year-old is unlikely have survived much longer, according to PDSA vets, who drew up a food and fitness regime for him.

He should be the next Jenny Craig spokesperson!



Casey Anthony found not guilty… my view on things.

Twitter exploded during the Casey Anthony verdict being read. So many people saying this makes them lose faith in the justice system, and not understanding how she was found not guilty. But in my opinion, I feel the opposite. I think this gives me more faith in the justice system. This was the correct verdict, given the circumstances. Hear me out….

The phrase is, “innocent until proven guilty.” Not “innocent until the jury’s gut feeling is you’re guilty.” As a juror you can’t convict someone based on your gut feeling or circumstantial evidence. If jurors could do that a lot of innocent people would be in jail. The prosecution couldn’t even prove A CAUSE OF DEATH. The body was too decomposed to prove how Caylee died, so how can a juror convict Casey of murder when they can’t be sure how her daughter died?

It’s painfully obvious to me (and everyone else) that Casey is guilty. But the evidence just wasn’t there. Yes the system is flawed, it’s never going to be perfect. But it’s good to know that jurors aren’t being swayed by the media and simply went by the facts in this case. No cause of death, no witnesses, no confession…. no conviction.

Casey will receive justice eventually, whether it be from God or from a crazed “fan” that spends their time picketing her house for the rest of her life. Maybe in jail (if she doesn’t get credit for time served). Who knows what will happen. But what I do know is that I know is the rest of Casey’s life is going to be miserable wehther or not she’s in jail. Whether or not she has a nice house. Whether or not she finds a nice husband. None of that matters… what matters is she’s going to have to live with the guilt of killing her daughter and getting away with it for the rest of her life. That guilt will manifest in different ways and eat away that any joy she experiences FOREVER. Her family will have to live with the guilt of knowing they lied and assisted their daughter in getting away with killing their grandaughter. She’ll have to know that at least one person (George Anthony) knows the truth. It’s simple really…. she accused him of assisting her in covering the “accident” up. If he didn’t assist her, which I don’t think he did, he’s obviously aware of that fact therefore he knows she did it.

It will be interesting to see if she goes back to living with her parents, if she moves away, if she tries to make things go back to normal. It will all be very interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does some interviews for money and tries to get a reality show or something. Dumb ho.

Dog allergic to grass so he gets some cute little boots!

Awww, this makes me so happy. Also, to the stupid random people that actually walk up to the dog owner and tell them it’s “cruel” to make a dog wear little booties, SHUT UP. You are so, so annoying. I hate people like you. via The Daily What:

8-year-old Jack Russell Jaxs would be as fun-loving as the next dog were it not for the sad fact that the playful pup is allergic to grass. According to owner Maria Domanic, a single blade of grass is enough to cause a painful reaction, leading to fur loss and paw sores.

But Jaxs is once again frolicking around the great outdoors with nary a care thanks to a local vet who recommended a pair of specially-fitted “doggy boots” made of canvas and Velcro.

“I’ve had a few people make some odd comments branding me ‘cruel’ and ‘disgusting’ for dressing him up in clothes,” says Domanic. “I have to explain it’s for his own good and not some fashion statement I’m trying to make.”


Holy moly. That’s awesome! via Inhabitat:

We recently told you that Google was lobbying Nevada legislators to make driverless cars legal on state roads, and now it’s official – Assembly Bill No 511 just passed! The legislature makes it legal for Google’s automated Prius and Audi TT fleet to cruise Nevada roads. But this isn’t just about the next industry Google is aiming to take over – read on for a closer look.

Several companies have been working hard to create technologies that bridge the gap between today’s driver assistance tech and what they see as tomorrow’s driverless cars. The idea behind this is that driverless cars could avoid more crashes caused by distracted driving.

But just how far can this go – would you trust your car to drive you to work? And who will write the software to make this possible? We know one thing for sure: we’d rather have a Google, Apple or Linux car than risk the Microsoft blue screen of death while traveling 80 miles an hour to work. Check out the video above to see what Mashable thought of the driverless fleet.

Most recent World’s Ugliest Dog winner, Yoda, was so ugly her owner thought it was a rat at first!

Yoda has a fitting name. The dog only weighs 1.9 lbs, and her short wirey hair, protruding tongue, and hairless legs were the stat of the show. I can’t think of a better name than Yoda! She kinda looks like Yoda, no?

The 14-year-old Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix found her abandoned behind an apartment building. Her daughter picked the dog up, and at first they thought he was a rat! After realizing it was a dog, she decided to keep her.


Suppose you had a twin, and he was gay and you were not. Now imagine you were also joined at the head

Conjoined twins Stefan and Tyler Delp were supposed to be separated at the age of 3, but the surgery was deemed too risky by doctors and they’re grown up together and  “I wouldn’t have it any other way,’ said Stefan. ‘Tyler is my best friend.”

Stefan said he has a crush on actress and singer Jennette McCurdy, 18, while Tyler prefers folk singer Steve Forbert, 54….At lease they’re facing in different directions? That could get awkward.

The twins have learned how to adapt to their unusual life. When one walks forward the other walks backwards. If they stop to speak to someone, they have to spin so they both get the chance to see the other person. via The Daily Mail

Tim Delp and Nancy Hoffman had only been married for four years when 14 weeks into the pregnancy a routine ultrasound revealed that it would not be a normal birth.

The couple were told by doctors that they thought their babies shared facial features and that there was a 95 per cent fatality risk and that they should consider terminating the pregnancy.

‘I couldn’t kill a fly,’ said Mrs Hoffman-Delp. ‘Let alone think about aborting a child. If my babies were going to die, it was going to be in my arms’

‘As soon as they were born, I totally fell in love with them,’ the early-years teacher said.

There are a bunch more photos over at Daily Mail, I didn’t want to post them her because not everyone wants to see them I’m assuming. Pretty wild story, though.

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Football player LIFTS A FREAKING CAR OFF A GUY and saves his life. Awesome. THAT WAS AWESOME.

WOW. This story is amazing! I love stuff like this. Danous Estenor, a college football linebacker, was in the right place at the right time. He rescued a man trapped underneath a car and lifted all 3,500 lbs BY HIMSELF.

What are the odds of a linebacker showing up RIGHT when you’re stuck under a car? That would be like the milkman showing up right when you pour a bowl of cereal and realize you have no milk left. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN VERY OFTEN. Here’s an actual journalist explaining it via TampaBay:

Danous Estenor had decided he was too hungry to wait until he got home for dinner, and as he parked his car outside the Bulls Den Cafe on USF’s campus, he heard a woman screaming for help.

Across the parking lot on that Thursday night in February, he saw a frightening scene: a tow truck driver pinned under the rear tire of a 1990 Cadillac Seville that had lurched forward as he worked underneath it, his wife struggling in vain with two men to lift the car.

Anyone could have heard the screams. But fortunately for Pedro Arzola, Estenor is not only a football player at USF, he is one of the strongest ones, a 6-foot-3, 295-pound offensive lineman.

“I just see his legs,” said Estenor, 21, a child of Haitian immigrants from Palm Beach. “The car is crushing him. He’s not moving. I’m thinking, ‘Oh, God, this guy is going to die.’ “

“I tried to lift the car, and when I first tried, it didn’t budge. I backed up. I don’t know. But I felt this energy come, and I lifted it. I don’t know how, but somebody pulled him from the car.”

Maria Uribe had been sleeping in the cab of her husband’s truck when she heard Arzola, 34 and a father of four, yelling “Ayudame!” — help me. The scene looked “like a horror movie … a lot of blood,” she said. The Cadillac’s front right tire had run over Arzola’s torso and dragged him about 10 feet.

Somehow he sustained only cuts, bruises and a dislocated shoulder, which was pinned beneath the rear tire. He was back towing cars two weeks later.

“I said, ‘God, bring an angel to my side, help me,’ ” Uribe said. “In Spanish, we say, ‘milagro‘ (miracle). I appreciate (Estenor) doing what he did, saving my husband’s life. If nobody helps me, I don’t know if he is in the room right now.”

Estenor walked away from the scene and into the cafeteria. And as hungry as he’d been, he could barely eat, shaking in disbelief at what had happened.

“The shock of doing that, it’s not an everyday thing you do,” he said.

That night he told his roommates, offensive tackles Jamar Bass and Damien Edwards. “Did this really just happen?” he asked. Teammates the next morning didn’t believe him. But one day after spring practice, coach Skip Holtz asked Estenor to stand in front of the team.

“I wanted to let you know that Danous is a real hero,” began the letter written by Jodi Rivera, manager of the Bulls Den Cafe, and read by Holtz. The letter closed with, “I know in my heart that without Danous there, the driver may not have survived the night. His quick thinking, willingness to help and strength saved that man’s life.”

“Unbelievable story,” Holtz said last week. “What a phenomenal story. Not all of us can lift a car. I’d be over there going (strains, laughing), ‘Um, call the ambulance.’ And Danous just walked away? I can totally see that. Just humble, quiet, keeps to himself.”

How could Estenor lift a Cadillac that weighs roughly 3,500 pounds?

The phenomenon is called hysterical strength, a burst of adrenaline that allows people to perform feats far beyond their normal physical limitations. USF’s strength and conditioning coach, Mike Golden, said Estenor can bench-press 405 pounds but few people even of his size and strength could do what he did.

“He’s just a good, hard-nosed, country-strong kind of kid,” Golden said Thursday. “Danous has that extra little strength in him that people don’t just normally walk around with. You could name 100 people — I mean NFL people — and ask them to walk over to a car and pick it up like that, and they couldn’t.

I love stories like this. There really are heroes left, and good samaritans that do the right thing. Pretty neat!

It’s like that WWII kissing picture, except if you replace it with Vancouver and rioting… NOW WITH VIDEO

I don’t know if you’ve heard the story about the Vancouver riots (because their team lost in the Stanley Cup Finals) but this photo was taken in the middle of the street of a couple kissing.

Everyone was all, “awwwwwwww” but it turns out it’s a little sad because the guy was comforting his girlfriend after they were pushed down by police. People thought that might be a cop out after they were under intense media spotlight for being attention whores, but turns out it’s true because there is video of the whole thing

Reason #465 I don’t like (most) cops: PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME

Photography and videography is legal in public places. You don’t have to get permission. No one can tell you to stop. IT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. But cops LOVE to act like it’s against the law. This cop arrested this man for “not obeying an order” to stop recording a public meeting. So according to this officer’s logic, if he tells you to make him a sandwich and you refuse, he can arrest you. via The Daily What

Photography Is Not A Crime of the Day: Producer Jim Epstein was attending a public meeting of the D.C. Taxi Commission concerning a proposed medallion system when he saw two police officers arrest journalist Pete Tucker — an outspoken critic of medallions — for snapping a photo of the proceedings.

Epstein filmed the arrest and the resulting outrage with his cell phone (above), and was later arrested himself as he attempted to leave the building.

According to his report, Epstein was told by an officer who promised an employee of the Taxi Commission she would retrieved his phone to “stay put.” After he informed the officer he was leaving and motioned to exit, he was immediately surrounded by other officers, and was subsequently arrested when he tried to grab the attention of nearby cab drivers.

Epstein says he was placed in a holding cell for the remainder of the day, but managed to leave with the footage of Tucker’s arrest.

Today’s gross 51 year old celebrity marrying a 16 year old brought to you by this hot mess

I don’t know how many of you have seen The Green Mile, but the prison guard that forgot to put on a wet sponge? That dude? His name is Doug Hutchison and he married 16 year old Courtney Alexis Stodden this week. YEAH. He’s 51. She’s 16. Did I mention she’s a wanna-be popstar? NOT LIKE THAT MATTERS, THOUGH. Because they’re in love and this is a legit, non-creepy marriage! Right? RIGHT? Here’s their statement:

“We’re aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial. But we’re very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless.”

I know a lot of young girls read my blog, so here’s a fair warning ladies………..This story will teach you two lessons. #1, the power of photoshop:

That girl looks really pretty in her wedding picture but DON’T BE FOOLED. She’s a hot mess. Also, lesson #2, don’t date old dudes because it’s creepy. NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, IT’S CREEPY. As evidenced by that creepy wedding picture. I think it’s so funny because you know that she decided which photo to release to the press. She looks pretty and posey in it, and he looks like Quasimodo after he got stung by 1,000 bees and they removed his neck entirely. What a b*tch.

The worst part about this story is what her mom said. #1, she said they have her blessing and she signed off on the marriage. SHE LET HER 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER GET MARRIED. And make a huge decision like that. *facepalm* but read this crap:

“She is a beautiful girl,” Krista Stodden told Radar Online. “She has real breasts, real lips, she’s not plastic.”

WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? Why would you say that about your daughter? How creepy are you? The answer: super creepy. Also, it’s obvious she’s lying because Courtney has no upper arm fat. IF YOU HAVE BIG BOOBS, YOU HAVE UPPER ARM FAT. I learned this from Tina Fey. If there is no upper arm fat, you have Walmart bolt on tits. That’s what Courtney has.

I forgot, there’s a third lesson to learn from all of this. The third lesson is YOUR DOG SHOULD CONSTANTLY WEAR A PINK WIG. It will make your dog feel better about itself. It will display a more confident attitude and improve its appearance. You won’t regret the decision, just like Courtney didn’t.

And here’s a video of her actually talking, which I thought was a joke at first because of her ridiculous voice BUT IT’S NOT A JOKE. It’s real. And she’s one of those girls. You know, the girl that attributes any insult to that person being “jealous”? She’s one of those.

Model sues for NOT being photoshopped in advertisement!

HA! This is a first. Daily Mail reports that Model Caroline Louise Forsling is suing Estee Lauder for $2 million claiming she was made to appear older in an advertisment because they DIDN’T PHOTOSHOP HER. She also claims she was unaware the photo could be used, and thought it was a test shot.

She claims her career was ‘irreparably’ damaged by the ad. The product says it was tested on women between the ages of 45-60. Funny, since she’s 35. HOMEGIRL, YOU NEED TO STAY OUT OF THE SUN! You got rankles like Iggy Pop.

Apparently before her makeup was done, they asked her to do a test shot without makeup, and the model ‘believed the test shot would not be used.’ She did not use the product for a before and after shot, which is the most ironic part to me. I didn’t realize they could photoshop before and after shots. That seems misleading, no? I hope it’s disclosed at the bottom, “WE PHOTOSHOPPED THE SHIT OUT OF THIS PICTURE.”

I personally don’t buy that her career has been damaged. That would be like  a fat model suing a magazine because they didn’t make her look skinny. IT’S. HER. FACE. And saying she “believed the test shot would not be used” doesn’t mean Estee Lauder told her it wouldn’t be used. It would be reasonable to assume they didn’t tell her that since she would definitely mention that in the lawsuit if it were true. So basically what I’m saying is it’s her own fault for letting the picture be taken without something in writing saying test shots wouldn’t be used.

I mean, was it even a test shot? If I was a model at a photoshoot for a skin care product and they pulled my hair back and asked to do a picture without makeup, I’d assume that wasn’t a test shot. Why would they need a test shot without makeup? Aren’t test shots just for lighting? So you’d think most test shots would take place when makeup was already on their face. MAN. I know nothing about modeling. I knew I should’ve payed more attention during my glamour shot photoshoots as a child.

What do you think? Is that ad worth $2 million in damages?

7-year-old accidentally beats out 1,700 applicants to win a coveted spot on a prestigious art gallery

Rebekah Poulin was on a photo sharing website, I’m guessing Flickr, and meant to tranfer her daughter’s drawing of a penguin into a private folder. She accidentally uploaded it to a public folder containing entries in a national art contest held by the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London. via The Daily What:

A year later she received an unexpected e-mail: 7-year-old Leilah beat out 1,700 applicants to win a coveted spot on the gallery’s wall. “It seems it all happened because I’m such an idiot,” Rebekah said. “I didn’t know what I was doing when I uploaded Leilah’s picture.”

The contemporary art gallery, which exhibits pieces by Damien Hirst and other Young British Artists, was opened in 1985 by Saatchi & Saatchi co-founder Charles Saatchi.

“Does this mean I’m a famous artist?,” asked Leilah, who can’t wait to go to London to see her art.

They included a link to the gallery, whose homepage I visited. This is a picture they have there for an upcoming exhibit. This is why I think 70% of art is a joke! I would say the typical, “I could do that” but I would never ACTUALLY do that because it’s stupid, so it’s not relevant to say.

Britain’s Next Top Plus Sized Model: ROLAND.

BWAAAAAAHAHAHA. This is probably my favorite story all week! A fat guy named Roland thought he’d be funny and enter into Next’s Make Me The Next Model contest. He quickly gained support (even though I think Natalia is fierce!) and jumped into the top 10. They should’ve made sure to include “no MySpace angles” in the Terms and Conditions of the contest. via Daily Mail:

A CHUBBY British man is on his way to winning a major modelling competition after internet jokers hijacked the vote.

Roland Bunce, 24, from Belfast, is way ahead of prettier faces in UK fashion chain Next’s Make Me The Next Model contest, The Sun reports. He has a huge following on Facebook and Twitter, with his fans hoping his victory will break the conventional beauty barrier.

So far, Mr Bunce, a computer science student, has attracted 10,000 fans on Facebook; his name has been retweeted 1500 times on Twitter. One fan wrote: “Legend. I’ve just voted for you.” Another, imitating a football chant, joked, “He’s big, he’s round, he’s won £2,000. Roland B, Roland B.”

If he wins, Mr Bunce will get £2000 ($3070), a photoshoot and an introduction to top modelling agency Storm. He says he is “overwhelmed” by the support. A spokeswoman for retail chain Next said anyone was welcome to enter the contest.

You can support Roland and vote for that fierce bitch here!


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